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lauramer89's Journal

8 June
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Hi im Laura at the moment im studying for a degree in Performing Arts at the University of Bedfordshire and having a great time!! I love dancing, singing, acting and theatre especially musical theatre and well just musicals in general :D Errrm what else….I love travelling and visiting different countries, I have a dog who will sing if you ask him to, I like reading and drawing but don’t spend enough time doing either, I like old films, I love big nights out with my friends and having totally random and crazy times. Oh and finally (and this is going to be predictable to those who know me but oh well)….I love love love Ruthie Henshall. She has to be my favourite musical theatre performer ever. Shes just amazing. Ok now that really is it… add me guys not that I actually know how to use this yet anyway…..!

My amazing profile and layout is by the baberific Emma!